Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Reminder

To aspiring writers out there, write. WRITE. Don't care about what other people say about your writing, except those who actually give a damn about your craft and want to help you improve.

Most importantly, embrace your mistakes. It's normal to cringe at your errors, but in this day and age of chatbots and AI writing tools that strip away the humanity of writing, FUCK PERFECTION. Especially if it's robot-driven "perfection" that relies on a knowledge base or database of information culled from passages that, guess what, are supplied by actual human writers anyway.
There should always be room for human error in the arts. The day people prefer to consume soulless poetry or enjoy a sterile painting created by robots than actual poems and paintings by poets and painters -- in all their imperfect glory -- is the day we kiss our humanity goodbye.
To write is human, to fuck up is divine.