Friday, June 23, 2023

"Happiness" Is a Filipino Noontime Show

All these Filipino noontime-show hosts -- from TVJ to Vice Ganda to Willie Revillame, and now Paolo Contis -- seem to have a shared script whenever they're faced with criticism: "Gusto lang namin magbigay ng saya."

This boilerplate answer makes them sound like the selfless heroes that they're not, especially since "magbigay ng saya" is actually newspeak for "we want you, the masa, to watch our program and of course keep on buying those canned goods and detergent and instant noodles and 3-in-1 instant coffee and 5-in-1 herbal tea etc., and buy them from that grocery chain owned by big-time smugglers so that these products and grocery chains keep advertising with us, while we earn millions by trying to 'entertain' you, regardless of the fact that we've dumbed down our show, which is what we believe is good-enough entertainment for you, but deep down we don't think it's really entertaining -- of course not -- but hey, we've already sold you on the idea that it is. We're just here to bring joy to each and every Filipino household."

I remember that in the aftermath of the Wowowee crowd crush way back in 2006 at the PhilSports Stadium in Pasig, then-host Willie Revillame apologized to the families of the 73 people who died trying to get into the studio so they can win prizes.

I also remember that after apologizing, Revillame tried to justify what happened by saying the magic words:

"Gusto lang namin magbigay ng saya."