Thursday, August 17, 2023

On Religious Zealotry in the Philippines

Makapanglimbawt sa balahibo ning mga religious zealots sa Pilipinas. Especially these disturbing demands for the head of someone who, apparently, offended their religious sensibilities.

Mao pod ni sila ang muingon nga "pagbuot sa Ginoo" nga nakadaog si Marcos ug Sara, ug sigeg post og video sa baha with accompanying hashtags nga #Godisgoodallthetime ug #Feelingblessed. Mao pod ni sila ang mga ni-comment sa una nga na KO si Pacquiao kang Marquez kay wala nay sul-ob2x si Manny sa iyang rosaryo sulod sa ring, ug dili na manguros.

I already had a previous Facebook post about this, using sarcasm, to the tune of being thankful to be in a similar Catholic country, but with the followers here at least being more sober and practical and more forgiving. And are not the type to shove their religious beliefs down your throat.

As someone who went to Catholic schools from kindergarten until my master's, I remember now why I never really enjoyed those "religious" education classes. Some of them were downright traumatic and scary.

A Marcos president, a Duterte vice president, and DDS/BBM loyalists infesting the comments section of local newspapers' social media posts with their "Duterte gihapon," "long live BBM," and -- worse -- "Amen" comments. And of course the irony of posting their hateful comments on these same social media posts by the same local newspapers, but specifically on religious posts -- a morning or an afternoon or an evening prayer, or just a simple "Praise the Lord" post, posts that shouldn't even come from media outlets who should at least try not to show their overt Catholicism, considering that there are other religions in the country too.

What's worse, a lot of these religious zealots are Kakampinks too. I'd like to say it's ironic, but it's probably not. Since their rabid show of zealotry, I've unfriended quite a few of them already.

Good luck nalang, Pinas.